Small Businesses deserve better websites

I make those better websites

Meet Your Team

AJ Smale


A good website needs good images. No exceptions. AJ is the guy who takes those. In addition to being passionate about photography, he also takes classes every Monday to become a certified “Master Gardener”. That’s different.

Asher Smale


Having a few years of B2B sales experience, Asher is stellar at helping our clients hone in on their selling points. One of his happens to be his ping-pong ability.

Craig Smale

Web Design

Everyone has that cousin you called when you had computer problems. Craig was that cousin. After graduating from Auburn University with his Bachelor of Arts degree,  he is all grown up and works here making websites. Big surprise there, Craig.


Images are now more important than ever

In the digital age, one of the first things people see is your images. Everything ranging from Google Maps to Facebook to your very own website is being looked at. It’s no wonder that the single most important piece of marketing content is your images. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out the industry survey of over 5,700 marketers in 2017.

Ranked Importance of Materials

Images 32%
Blogging 27%
Videos 24%
Live Video 9%
Podcasting 1%

How I do it

The typical agency doesn’t have a photographer on staff working with them day in and day out. The left-hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. 

I am able to start with a design in mind that integrates with the images. You should have more than iPhone pictures. Let’s make something that will stand out. 

Photo Checklist

Do you have these on your site?

Lifestyle Shots

What do you do?

Bakers’ Bake. Mechanics’ Mechanic. Let’s show you doing what you do, and do it well.

Head Shots

What do you look like?

People want to see who they are doing business with. Let’s give them what they want, and make you look good.

Product Shots

What are you selling?

If you have the world’s Best Dairy Free Soy Latte Cookie Milkshake, you shouldn’t be showing them off with pictures from your iPhone. Let’s fix that.


How is your elevator pitch?

In nearly every industry, everyone’s key selling points are their experience, their price, and their customer service. When everyone sells on that, it’s impossible to stand out.

Let’s hone in on your differentiators. Do you have a pizza sauce made from the tears of baby unicorns? Do you have a new engine that runs on bacon grease? Do you have a great finger-gun pose? Let’s hammer those points home.

Web Design

It’s 2018. Everyone (including my grandmother) has a website. The real question is, does it look good? I whipped up some sweet graphics for you to check out. All of this could be yours.

Cool Graphics


400 Sandwiches per Day

Only the tastiest sandwiches make it out of our kitchen. Each made-to-order with fresh avocado. Don’t want avocado? Too bad.


97% Organic?

Our Sandwiches are 97% Organic. Don’t ask about the other 3%.

Cool Pricing

Dairy Free Soy Latte Cookie Milkshake

1699$One Time
  • That’s one expensive milkshake. Made with only premium almonds.

Cool Testimonials

I can’t believe you dyed your hair blonde for your website. All my co-workers thought it was awesome!

Wendy Smale, Mother


I’m a contact you kind of guy. If you’re here. I probably reached out.